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Elizabethtown Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Spring Repair Elizabethtown, KY

Your garage door springs are responsible for the actual opening and closing of your garage door. This is the most common problem we see with garage doors. Basic garage door springs often last five to seven years or 10,000 cycles. Absolute Overhead Door Service offers springs that have a lifetime warranty – so you’ll never have to worry about them again.

If you have a broken spring on your door, give us a call at 270-765-2291. We will send a technician out to your house today to replace your broken spring.




Garage Door Spring Systems

There are two types of garage door spring systems:

  1. Torsion Spring System: Most garage doors nowadays are using a torsion spring system. A torsion spring is mounted horizontally above your garage door. Attached to it are cables that run down the door and are connected at the bottom corners.
  2. Extension Spring System

Extension springs are attached on sides of the door and attached with a pulley. In this system, the springs are attached with cables that are in turn attached with bottom corners of the door.

Absolute Overhead Door knows garage doors inside and out, and if you have an issue with your garage door, our professional technicians can quickly determine the problem and get your door running smoothly again. Whether you have a torsion spring system or an extension spring system on your garage door, it is important that you have your garage door checked regularly to ensure proper operation and to avoid any potential safety issues.


DIY Spring Replacement

We often get asked if homeowners can just replace their own springs. Simply put, yes, you can replace springs yourself. However, we HIGHLY recommend hiring a professional to replace the springs for you. Replacing a broken spring is extremely dangerous and should only be done by professionals who are trained on the proper technique. The cost of a professional spring replacement is much less than a hospital bill.  We have seen several people get severely injured while trying to complete a DIY spring replacement.

Again, for a minimal charge, Absolute can send an expert technician to your home the same day you give us a call to replace your broken spring.


Balancing Your Garage Door

In order to operate normally, you’ll need to regularly check the balance of your garage door and adjust it when necessary.  If your door needs to be adjusted, give us a call. We will send one of our technicians to your home today to repair your garage door.

To check if your door is balanced incorrectly, disconnect the door from your garage door opener. Then, open and close the door by hand. Lift the door a few feet off the ground. If your door is balanced, it should stay in place. If your door shoots up or slams to the ground, your door is out of balance.

The most common reason for a garage door becoming out of balance is your torsion springs. Whether they are broken, or they’ve lost tension. Either way, Absolute can repair your door the same day you call to schedule service.

If you’re looking for someone for a garage door spring repair in Elizabethtown, give us a call. We’re the highest rated garage door company in Etown. As a local, family-owned garage door company, we only hire technicians that put forth the same honest values that we have. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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